Office Super Fan Festival is not associated with NBCUniversal, The Office Actors, or Greg Daniels.
This is a convention that is fan organized and fan operated.

It’s a rockin’ Convention!  Office Super Fan Festival is a fan convention run by fans of The Office. It’s a great place for fans of The Office to gather and mingle.

YOU!  Everyone is invited to Office Super Fan Festival! We encourage your family and friends to come out and have a great time.  However, children under the age of 14 will not be admitted without an adult chaperone.

Make sure to bring whatever items, collectibles, posters, dvds, knickknacks, shrines, etc… you’d like to get signed!

Please keep in mind that all large bags and prop weapons must be checked upon entry to the event.

Leave your negativity at the door, we all want a fun environment! Laser Pointers & real weapons including bladed items or firearms are not permitted.

YES! This is the same event, just with new dates and in a more spacious outdoor venue. All tickets are now able to be resold/transferable if you are unable to attend the new set of dates. Please make us aware if you sell any of your experiences with Leslie D. Baker so we can update our roster to those events.

Check out our Guests page to see who is currently confirmed to attend.

That’s a big maybe.  Many are invited but whether they will show up is up to them.  Office Super Fan Festival obviously cannot guarantee that you will meet any celebrities or guarantee their autographs/photos.

Photography is allowed throughout the convention EXCEPT in the actors autograph table area. Photos and selfies in that area will have a set price at the actors table. This fee helps us afford to bring them to the convention. If you are caught trying to sneak photos or selfies, you may be asked to leave the area or pay the selfie price listed at the table. Photos and videos are allowed through the actor Q&A’s.

You may ask the actor AT THIER TABLE if you can give them an item. This is completely up to them and their personal policy on accepting fan gifts. YOU MAY NOT give items to the actors while they are doing their q&a panels or while they are trying to get around the convention floor.

By purchasing any Office Super Fan Festival ticket, you automatically agree to its release agreement in the ticket description. Office Super Fan Festival is a public, photo/video recorded event and all attendees may be captured in our future material. You might even get on TV!

We are planning on some awesome events for this convention! Check out our activities page to start planning your trip to Scranton!

You can help promote this event among your friends, family and the internet.  You should also look into donating.  Check out Donation Info. 


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Office Super Fan Festival