Dundee’s Night

Hey everyone! New year, same festival.

As seen on the schedule, Dundees night is Oct 9, 2021 in the Days In ballroom across the road from our main venue – Circle Drive In. Seating will begin at 6:30 with the show starting at approximately 7pm (lasting for around 2 hours). Dress however you’d like. You can be “classy”, you can be in costume, or completely casual (just not Meredith level casual) Food and beverage will be available for order. We are currently updating all of the information we have on file for our awards. Please fill out a form ASAP as possible for each member of your party that will be attending the awards night. We will try to name off as many awards as we can within the allotted time , while mixing in office related comedy and skits. Even if your name isn’t called, everyone in attendance leaves with their own OSFF Dundee award. Keep in mind, humor during the awards will mimic that of the show, so there may be some crude jokes and that’s what she said moments, but nothing really beyond pg-13. Photo ops will be available, as we will have cool decor and set dressing, and the ability to take a picture with our host at the end of the awards.


No videoing is permitted during the actual awards. Anyone caught filming will be asked to leave. No refund or award will be given.

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