Greetings OSFF ticket holders,

First, We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.

We’ve been working hard on assembling this convention for nearly 3 years to give you an amazing experience with your fellow office fans. It is no surprise that the Covid-19 virus has taken its toll on public events and businesses recently.

In the best interest of your personal safety, and to follow the mandated restrictions on assemblies/travel, we have made the difficult decision to move the dates of OSFF from July 2020, to a future date (TBD).

We know things are slowly starting to reopen, but didn’t want to risk our supporters not being able to alter their travel plans in time should things not be back in full swing by late July. Therefore, we decided to go ahead and move the date.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and the social distance guidelines to choose the soonest and most convenient time frame to reschedule OSFF to. As soon as we know the date, we will announce so everyone can make plans accordingly.

What this means:

1. Fun in the mean time! Make sure you are on our Facebook to follow us for updates. We are going to be hosting online giveaways, games, contests and experiences to connect you with other OSFF attendees and our guest actors FREE OF CHARGE to our OSFF ticket holders.

2. All tickets that have been sold are good for the future (TBD) event date. This includes all youth, general admission, vip, dundees, meet and greet experiences.

3. All rewards for our start up donation tiers are also good for the future dates.

4. Thank you. Thank all of you for supporting this community of office fans, and for your patience as we move forward. Whether you donated to get us off the ground, purchased a ticket, are going to be a vendor, or just support us on our social media, we could not do this without you. This is truly by the fans for the fans, and you are all greatly appreciated. We look forward to meeting you all in person.

If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us Page